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A one-stop shop for all the different ways that we can provide IT support to our customers.

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Form technical self-help links to in person consultation here are your support options.

  • IU Knowledge Base Most users' questions are answered using easy to follow steps.

  • Open a Ticket Open a support request ticket in our queue and a representative will be in contact with you.

  • Project Request From new applications to web site development, we will help you with your technology needs.

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IT End User Awareness Program

All IUPUI staff supported by the Office of Technology Services are required to complete the Finance and Administration IT End User Awareness Program. 

The program requires all employees to:

  1. Complete the University Privacy Office's  4-courses on the E-Train site.  The courses will take approximately 5-10 minutes each.  The courses that need to be completed are "Nothing to Hide? Why Privacy Matters", "Privacy Principles", "The Relationship Between Privacy and Security" and "Five Key Points for Data Security".   You can also verify past courses that you have completed by logging into E-Train.
  2. Renew their Indiana University Acceptable Use Agreement (online renewal) on a biennial schedule

IT Training Through UITS

University Information Technology Services offers many training courses (on-campus and on-line) that staff can take advantage of to increase their technical expertise with a particular IT topic or product.  You can view the most recent IT Training schedule on the UITS IT Training site.

Self-Study IT Training Options

Obtain IT Training workshop materials to learn on your own.

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Finance and Administration departmental shares

Often our staff will reference a particular drive letter for a common place where their department stores shared files. In fact, all departments have one or more unique server locations where their files are stored, and the department has chosen to use a common drive letter to point to the server location. That drive letter is then mapped to the actual server address that is unique to the department. On this page, the actual drive location that has been assigned to our departments may be searched. Below is also a reference to the steps that are used to map a drive letter to the address. Please choose your department to see your standard share locations.

If you need help mapping a drive or sending a link to a departmental resource please see this Indiana University knowledge base article:

*Please note: The letter you assign to the resource is irrelevant, if you want to use the same letter as your coworkers that is acceptable, but is not required.

For security purposes unique permissions are set for each shared server location.  The permissions determine which staff members are authorized to view each share.  If changes in staff permissions are required, please contact the FIAD Tech team.


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Many items are addressed in easy to follow steps.

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Here you can initiate new project requests with our technology team. The project specifications will be reviewed by our project managers and (if necessary) submitted to the Technology Advisory Group for prioritization. We look forward to working with you!

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Current system recommendations.

Video Conferencing at IU

IU offers instant, no-cost virtual rooms (also known as video bridges) for faculty, staff, and guests to meet onlineā€”at any time, from anywhere. No reservations required. Create one here:

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